Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

If you’ve been looking for the best car stereo with touch screen then you just came to the right page. Here are some of the best touch screen car stereos that you can find in stores. We’ve hand-picked only the top rated ones that many people just love.

Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7″ WVGA Touchscreen Display Review

Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7-inch WVGA Touchscreen DisplayPros:
* Great sound quality.
* High and low-pass filters plus 8-band equalizers makes it easy for you to tune it exactly the way you want it.
* Huge 7-inch touchscreen.
* The interface is clear, intuitive, and user friendly. It’s easy to figure out which menu does what.
* Built-in HD radio. If you want SiriusXM just get a tuner and a plan and you’re set to listen your favorite broadcast.
* Excellent bluetooth functionality. Pairing with Android phones and iPhone is a breeze. When making hands-free calls both end hear clearly what others are saying. No background noise or lag. Practically every bluetooth related functions works flawlessly.
* Able to play DVD for watching movies or play MP3s. You can also plug in your iPhone or iPod to the USB input then use the iPod to access the menu. Flashdrive works too. You won’t be short of entertainment to accompany you on the road.
* Aesthetically pleasing. It looks great on the dash and you can customize the background light to blend it with the dash or to make it stand out. Which ever you prefer. Pioneer’s build quality is simply excellent.
* Easy to install on your own.

* Rather expensive. This ain’t some cheapo chinese knockoff stereo you’ll throw away in a month. This thing worth every penny you spend on it.
* Like most device with touchscreen it can be hard to see under harsh sunlight. Tilting the screen helps a bit.
* Touchscreen is obviously fingerprint magnet. You may want to wipe it occasionally to keep it clean.
* Installation is easy but if you want to integrate the steering controls it’s best to let professionals do it.

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Pioneer SPH-DA100 AppRadio with iPhone 4 Control

Pioneer SPH-DA100 - Click Here For Full ReviewPioneer SPH-DA100 AppRadio with iPhone 4 Control is a good choice for today’s modern lifestyle. It has 7-inch of touch screen display, allowing you to access the inside of it with ease. It is compatible with iPhone4 and even lets you control via your Smartphone.

It seems that the features can tell a lot about this head unit functionality. You can pair it with iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 4th Gen and select Android devices. RDS technology will tune the FM/AM radio while the 7-inch WVGA touch screen is capacitive and works well for multi-touch operation. The direct control can be done via the iPhone or iPod with cable included. Hands-free calling can be done with ease as there are built-in Bluetooth, dial pad, microphone and phone book access available. This revolutionary stereo receiver is a great unit that lets you enjoy the access to entertainment, information and network connectivity at anywhere you are. It is easy to find the fun with Pandora and use Google maps after setting up the Bluetooth and installing the app. If you plug in the iPhone, you can get additional bonus of the battery charging. Besides the total entertainment offered, you are still able to obtain the advantage of the safety concern presented by the manufacturer. Although watching a video is possible on its 7-inch display, this Pioneer head unit will confirm or warn you about this decision first when you are driving.

Though the stylish design seems convincing, you will still need to pay attention to its some issues. This AppRadio does not work well with iPhone 5. Well, its name has told you what you can do with this unit. The Apple maps, however, shows the good image but not route directions. The multitasking is still complicated to deal with too because the AppRadio mode will be closed when you trying back out of an app. For the price, fortunately, it is still quite interesting.

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Pioneer AVIC-X940BT In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver

Pioneer AVIC-X940BT - Click Here For Full ReviewHaving entertainment inside your car is kind of a great thing. Why? It is because almost all of the people who love to drive out will try to find the best multimedia devices inside. Well, today we are going to talk about one of the multimedia devices which are accompanied by some of the functional features that can enhance your performance on the way. That product is called as Pioneer AVIC-X940BT In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver. Have you ever heard about this product before? Well, if you haven’t, let us help you to go on further discussion about these multimedia devices.

Overall, this product can be said as a great choice since there are so many useful features inside. So, let’s try to discuss one by one. The first thing which is going to discuss is about its GPS. The GPS is provided greatly. The maps of the Pioneer AVIC X940 BT is made by NAVTEQ which is considered as one of the most reputable mapping company. Therefore, the map will be up-to-date and the viewing of the map is also complete from 2D through 3D while you are driving. The direction is also exactly correct. Later on when we are talking about the phone, well, one thing to be said is good. The process of pairing the phone with these devices is considered as easy whenever you read the manual. The Bluetooth works properly therefore you can get easier way to communicate using the screen of Pioneer AVIC.

Well, for you who are willing for a great audio, this is a fantastic choice since you will say “wow” for its bombastic bass. You can also use USB jack to connect your iPhone or iPod playlist in the car. The menu of the playlist can be arranged using enjoyable 6 inches LCD screen. Although it is pricey, you will enjoy this a lot!

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Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH 2DIN 7″ Touch screen In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver

Pioneer AVIC-Z140BHCar electronically equipment is one of the most important things that should be available. There are a lot of thing which will be needed by the driver, especially the map and the entertainment. That kind of need could be fulfilled when you are willing to buy the greatest car electronic which is commonly called as Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH. Therefore here we are going to discuss more about this product to help you to get description about something that you need inside the car.

Well, firstly, let us help you to describe the appearance of this product. This Pioneer AVIC Z140 has 7 inches touch screen. In addition to that, it only weights 7.4 pounds. The chassis size is double din and the display type is VFD. The product features are iPod, Sat Radio, and also Bluetooth. All of the features which are available here are working perfectly. Besides, one of the most important thing which is commonly reviewed by the people is about the perforce of GPS itself. As your information, the GPS works perfectly. The picture on the screen looks very clear. On sunny days, the screen looks perfect! More than that, although you are willing to play music, you can still get the GPS works properly.

The other thing that makes this product better than the others is about its user interface. You can get it similar with iPhone. The user interface is so fast and whenever you touch the button, you will get what you want. Thus, there will be no lag at all. The booting time is also normal and it commonly took 10-15 seconds. However, there is a minuses in this product since you have to use wire to get use the functionality. However, it does not really a big matter since the other features are good enough to be used. Have a nice try to shop this choice!

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There you go. Our short list of the best touch screen car stereo. If you still not sure which one to get feel free to send in your questions using the comment form below.

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