Best Car Stereo Under $150 Reviews

For under $150 you still can get high quality car stereos. If you’re wondering which one just have a look at this list of the best car stereos under $150. It’s not much but each of these stereos is an excellent choice thanks to their quality, ease of installation and much more.

JVC KD-R740BT Radio-USB-CD Bluetooth Receiver

JVC KD-R740BT Radio-USB-CD Bluetooth Receiver - Click Here For Best PricePros:
* Cheap. You can get one for less than $120. If you have limited budget to upgrade your head unit, go for this one.
* Got all the inputs you’ll need to get your music; CD, USB, Bluetooth, Aux.
* Great sound quality for both music and FM radio.
* Easy to install. The diagram in the manual is clear and easy to follow.
* Bluetooth pairing is simple. You can start streaming music from your phone right away.
* You can take calls through the unit keeping your hands free on the steering wheel. The music stops when you take calls and resume when you’re done.
* Remote control is easy to use. You can go through the FM stations and change the source while keeping your eyes on the road.

* You may need to buy cable harness and a dash kit to install this on your car.
* The menus and number of features can be overwhelming so do take the time to read the manuals.
* Build quality could be better but for the price range it’s quite good.

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Sony DSX310BTX Digital Receiver with Pandora Stream

Sony DSX310BTX Digital Receiver with Pandora StreamAre you still wondering how to get the audio files on your iPhone played with ease when you are driving? Well, the only thing unit is functional and suitable digital receiver.

It is time to stop shopping around and end the searching after finding Sony DSX310BTX Digital Receiver Pandora. Music makes you alive and able to live the life with much fun. It is type of universal entertainment that will cheer your days. Here are things that others think about this head unit after they install it to their car dashboard.


From the first glance, you will see the stylish unit that pleasing to the eyes as well. It looks simple but comes with great features inside. It has Pandora radio app control. You can have it connected to iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smartphone’s. The Tune Tray allows you to play the audio files stored in the iPod. Phone access and audio streaming can be done with hands-free. The remote control is also designed wirelessly, making your space free of mess. You can utilize the provided mic when making a call. The display has small font, although it looks limited but you can see the name of tracks and artists in full line. The sound quality is pretty good. You won’t waste the time with boredom on a long trip. The price is attractive too. It is totally nice choice for tight budget.


It is understandable that every manufacturer wants to offer the best products to the market. However, things can just happen without expectation and not all of them have good perspective to each person. Some customers still find it difficult to press the middle button whether they want to scroll the features up, down, left or right. It is tricky especially when the road is uneven. The 4-way thumb pad method is also very sensitive, wasting your time when changing the radio station and other tasks. Well, though some people have disappointed impression with this unit, it does not mean you will have same experience. Just prove it yourself by purchasing this digital media receiver now.

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Alpine CDE133BT CD Receiver with Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Alpine CDE133BT CD ReceiverAlpine CDE133BT CD Receiver with Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Technology offers you nothing unless the more flexible and convenient way to enjoy favorite music in the car. When things get digitalized today, it seems to look so complicated if you still play a CD to enjoy the songs you love. But this unit allows you to do it conveniently. It has essential features including 50Wx4 power handling peak, 18Wx4 power handling RMS, 3.5mm input front USB, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA files. Besides that, there are still more things you can find on this CR receiver. Some additional features available are rotary encoder knob control type, white LCD display, steering wheel control ready, built-in clock, bass and treble control mp3 playback and etc. you can get all those things from a single unit with dimensions 11.5×9.5×4.5 inches. It has compact design and is colored in black, offering you the stylish vital point on the dashboard.

What makes this CD receiver from Alpine is the use of Bluetooth technology. It gives you flexibility to access each feature remotely and wirelessly. You can simply connect it with the iPhone without taking this handset out of the pocket. The voice control feature on the Smartphone (iPhone 4) also allows you giving direct command to the receiver which songs to play by saying the album or band. You get your hands free. It is totally a great device to invest in. It is even rated 4 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers.

Sony DSXS300BTX Digital Media Receiver

Sony DSXS300BTX Digital Media ReceiverDo you want to replace the stereo with the more sophisticated one? It is a cool idea to enhance the interior and get fresh vital vision inside of the car. Is the space is too limited so you do not expect much for a unit with large display? Well, you can find a good option from Sony

Shaped in chic design, Sony DSXS300BTX Digital Media Receiver works best in your dash. It is completed with Bluetooth technology that allows you to access the phone and stream audio files with hands-free ability. It looks stylish and compact on the front but offers rich features inside including integrated tune tray, intuitive search features, SensMe application music channels, wireless remote, radio data system and advanced sound engine. Take a look at some of the following customers’ opinions.


It is a great unit and very suitable for digital music. Place the iPod on the Tune Tray and let the Bluetooth technology connects the unit to the iPhone. You can stream the music from those two devices on one receiver with no issues. Accessing different apps is smooth including Napster and Pandora. Although the display is compact, but you can still get clear vision to the playlists. The sound quality is also great and even makes the car speakers phenomenal. The appearance still works at it best. You can choose between blue or red key illumination complements vehicle interior lighting. You will find no more CDs inside of the in-dash storage. Simply have this one unit installed properly to enjoy the audio files on the go.


If you are looking for negative opinions, you will need to work hard to find. Well, you just can’t return the package back to the store when finding some parts missing. Although it looks practical, you should not leave the iPod on the tray because it will get hot. It is also what the manufacture won’t let you do too. Overall, this digital media receiver from Sony offers the rich features that you should not miss.


Okay, that’s all for now. If you still can’t decide which one to get after reading the short reviews above feel free to send us your questions using the comment form below.

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