Best Car Stereo Under $100 Reviews

Budget car stereos are everywhere. To save you the hassle we’ve gathered the best car stereo under $100 and put it on the list below. Check them out. Each of these stereos are popular thanks to their high quality and audio performance.

Pioneer DEH-2400UB Pioneer DEH-2400Ub AM/FM/CD Player With USB/Iphone®/Ipod®/Mp3 Playback

Pioneer DEH-2400UB - Click Here For Best PriceIt is true that there are many people who have their very own dream about having the personal car which can be their daily transportation support which is more effective as well as efficient. However, personal car is not only about the transportation support because many people will also see the personal car as their pride and they will do anything to improve the value of their car as well as improving the comfort in the car. There are some people who make their car as the second home because they will spend most of their time in their car especially when they have the job which makes them work mobile. The life in the car must be quite boring since people will not find variety of the view when they are in the car. We can imagine how boring the time will be when they are stuck in the middle of traffic jam. It can bring them stress easily so they need to make sure that there is entertainment support which is able to divide their attention. Music can be great answer and people are able to enjoy great music in their car by applying the JVC KD-X50BT Bluetooth Dash Digital Receiver.

Product Features

People expect much from the music support in the car because it becomes the source of entertainment which people can enjoy in their car. There are some great features which people can find from the JVC KD-X50BT Bluetooth Dash Digital Receiver unit. RMS Power with 50 Watts capacity as well as four channels, Auto Drive Router Application control which is originally from JVC application with 20 Watts capacity and four channels, PANDORA Internet Radio Control which I specialized for them who are using Android smart phone and Blackberry with the feature of Bluetooth SPP Connection feature can be found in this unit. The PANDORA Internet Radio Control can also be enjoyed via iPhone with the USB Connection support. People are also able to enjoy their favorite music list in the iPod or iPhone with super sophisticated feature which is completed in the unit. The enjoyment can be better since there is two ways control for iPod or iPhone so people can choose the music using their mobile device or the control on the receiver. The Drive-Change Mode makes people able to choose the options between music playbacks using the memory of the cell phone or the SD or Micro SD cars which is inserted. The Bluetooth Wireless which is built in makes people able to utilize the calling with hands free, text message notification with two pre output terminal, audio streaming, phone book transfer, as well as dialing with voice recognition. People can enjoy the music in MP3, WMA, or iPod and iPhone audio form since the unit is completed with 24 bits Digital Audio Converter with USB Port in Front and Rear. People are also able to charge their phone since the unit is completed with 1 Ampere USB Power Supply which makes the second home feels like home.

Customers Review

This JVC KD-X50BT Bluetooth Dash Digital Receiver unit offers really great support for them who are freak of technology since they can pair their favorite mobile device with the music entertainment support which is applied in the car. The unit can be full of sophisticated features but in fact it is super easy to install and set up with the sound result which is really great. The work of the Bluetooth feature which is great makes people able to enjoy their favorite music streaming from their smart phone. The Bluetooth function for another function including phone call is fine. This unit is recommended to buy although some customers missed the face which is detachable.

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There you go. Our short list of budget car stereos. If you feel none of those above fit your taste and needs just let us know using the comment form below.

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