Best 15-Inch Car Subwoofer Review

Looking for high quality and long lasting car subwoofers? Then you really need to check out this short list of the best 15-inch car subwoofers. You won’t find much here but each one of these has excellent performance. Go on and have a look.

Boss P156DVC Phantom 15″ Subwoofer Dual 4ohm Voice Coils

Boss P156DVC Phantom 15-inch Subwoofer Dual 4ohm Voice CoilsPros:
* The bass is accurate, punchy, and loud! Excellent!
* It’s cheap! For less than $100 you get a 15″ subwoofer that really rocks hard. Just remember that you feed it with enough power. You’ll do it serious injustice otherwise.

* Some people blew this sub in a matter of days. You should seriously know how to wire this properly and don’t take any shortcuts.

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The idea for installing a better quality of the subwoofer may become more important because the car owners have the need in upgrading the quality of their cars, both in the aspect of appearance and function. If you also have the same interest, you should choose certain subwoofer that may suit your need. A good option such as Boss P156DVC Phantom 15″ Subwoofer Dual 4ohm Voice Coils actually should become one of your lists of consideration. Besides the price of the product is less than $75, which is affordable, you may take other advantages after purchasing such product.

It will be better to conduct a review first about the product especially related to the specifications. If you read any review or directly inspect the product, you may notice some features such as peak power handling of 2500 watts, RMS power handling of 1250 watts, poly injection cone material, voice coil of 2-1/2-inch, 96dB of efficiency, and frequency response of 25Hz-1 kHz. This product also has an impedance of dual 4 Ohm and also a mounting depth of 7 ¾ inch. What may become the main advantage that people get from such subwoofer is its unique and cool appearance. The phantom face may make such subwoofer more attractive for any type of cars.

The quality of sound is also amusing as well. Many people have proven this product to be sufficient to beat their heart away while listening to music that they love in the car. Although such product uses low frequency sound reproduction, the overall quality is satisfying. Actually, such product is worth for the money you spend. The fact is that it may provide better bass quality that you may never expect before. The aspect of durability of this product is actually low because there are people who notice that such products may gain reduction in performance within 2 weeks.

There you go. The list of top rated 15-inch car subwoofer. If you feel that none of those match your needs just send in your questions using the form below.

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